Favorite books of 2006

Although this year is more than half over, I just thought I’d share the best books I read last year (2006). They are, in order:

1. The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out without Selling Out by Mark Driscoll

2. Warranted Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga

3. The Science Of God: An Introduction To Scientific Theology by Alister E. McGrath

4. The Drama Of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach To Christian Theology by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

5. God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts

6. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire: What Happens When God’s Spirit Invades the Hearts of His People by Jim Cymbala and Dean Merrill

7. Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing by C.J. Mahaney

8. Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Study Guide Edition) by Nancy R. Pearcey

9. Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology by Gregory A. Boyd and Paul R. Eddy

10. Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism? by Wayne Grudem

11. 5 Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time (5 Minute) by Rick Cornish

12. Serious Times: Making Your Life Matter in an Urgent Day by James Emery White

13. According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible by Graeme Goldsworthy

14. Ask Me Anything: Provocative Answers for College Students by J. Budziszewski

15. Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church (The Leadership Network Innovation) by Mark Driscoll


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