Gospel Implications for Dating, Part 4

Fourth, the Gospel continues to call us back to repentance and confession of our sins (cf. Ps. 51, 1 John 1:8-9, James 5:16). Mistakes and sin will be inevitable in such a dating relationship. Now egregious sin, in particular sexual, will more often than not call forth the dissolving of the relationship.

But on a more practical, day to day level, couples will sin against God and each other. These sins must be dealt with and repented of on a consistent basis in order to have and maintain a God glorifying relationship.

For example, if a couple is edging up on and/or circumventing their physical boundaries, at least one person must possess the discernment and humility to broach the subject and make the proper decision based on the circumstance—hopefully this will be the man more often than not.

Moreover, if one person makes any inflammatory comment or even inadvertently forgets an important date, that situation must be dealt with in light of the Cross. The person who was wronged the other person must learn to be humble, admit their mistakes, and make the necessary corrections at the proper time and in the proper way. When repentance and/or apologizes are called, for they must be done with a proper centrality of the Gospel.

The Cross calls forth repentance on a daily basis, and therefore such a humble mentality must overflow in a courting relationship. The Gospel calls forth humility, as we are all sinners that continually need aid, and then the power to make the proper corrections to the degree necessary.


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