Audio Resources Page

All the audio resources that I recommend I will start to archive them . You can access it on the right under “Recommended Resources.” Hope it is helpful.


Acts 29 Chicago 2008 Boot Camp (amazing set of talks):


Random Great Talks

C.J. Mahaney: Discern Your Heart

David Powlison: In the Last Analysis: Look Out for Introspection

Matt Chandler Preaching the Gospel from the Center of the Evangelical World

Sam Storms (one of my favorite talks of all time): Pleasures Evermore Conference: Christian Hedonism


Andy Naselli has a great resource page for various free talks on mp3.

Of particularly interest for myself included:

Favorite John Piper talks (no particular order):

  • The Whole Glory of God: The Imputation and the Impartation of His Righteousness (Part 1 and Part 2)


Favorite Mark Driscoll talks (no particular order):

Some favorite Tim Keller talks include (no order):

A very good lecture series on heresies is by Phil Johnson:

Also, some solid sermons on dating can be found by Mark Driscoll (part one and two) and David Fairchild.

Here are some better talks from the Veritas Forums (see here). Not all talks are recommended (e.g. Mrs. Kroeger), but some are really good. Enjoy.

Here are some really good sermons from The Journey in St. Louis on marriage and related issues.

Here are the main sessions of the Together For The Gospel Conference. (HT: JT)

Sound Doctrine: Essential to Faithful Pastoral Ministry
(Ligon Duncan)
Listen Download*
Bearing the Image: Identity, the Work of Christ, and the Church
(Thabiti Anyabwile)
Listen Download*
The Sinner Neither Able nor Willing: The Doctrine of Absolute Inability
(John MacArthur)
Listen Download*
Improving the Gospel: Exercises in Unbiblical Theology
(Mark Dever)
Listen Download*
The Curse Motif of the Atonement
(R.C. Sproul)
Listen Download*
Why Do They Hate It So? The Doctrine of Substitution
(Albert Mohler)
Listen Download*
How the Supremacy of Christ Creates Radical Christian Sacrifice
(John Piper)
Listen Download*
Sustaining a Pastor’s Soul
(C.J. Mahaney)
Listen Download*



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