Some Hidden Gems

Here is a quick list of some books that I’ve basically stumbled over and they were really good. No one recommended them to me in person, I somehow just found them. Enjoy.

Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology by Gregory A. Boyd and Paul R. Eddy

A phenomenal multiple view book of over 25 disputed doctrine and practice in the Church today. It’s great even though Boyd is a heretic.

The Science Of God: An Introduction To Scientific Theology by Alister E. McGrath

A distillation of McGrath’s trilogy on “Scientific Theology.”

If you love scientific apologetics pick this one up.

5 Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time (5 Minute) by Rick Cornish

A really solid and concise systematic theology. Very helpful for anyone you want to start studying doctrine or just loves systematic theology.

Moody Handbook of Theology by Paul Enns

A very helpful reference book on different perspectives of theologies.

Lifeviews by R. C. Sproul

Though dated, a good overview of four different worldviews in American culture.

Faith and Reason by Dr. Ronald H. Nash

Best Apologetic book I’ve ever read. Really good.

C.S. Lewis & Francis Schaeffer: Lessons for a New Century from the Most Influential Apologists of Our Time by Scott R. Burson and Jerry L. Walls

A very good contrast and exposition of CS Lewis and Francis Schaeffer’s apologetics and theologies.

Unapologetic Apologetics: Meeting the Challenges of Theological Studies by William A. Dembski and Jay Wesley Richards

Some really useful and thought provoking essays on apologetics.

Faith Has Its Reasons: An Integrative Approach to Defending Christianity (An Apologetics Handbook) by Kenneth D. Boa and Robert M. Bowman Jr.

A wonderful book on the different methods of apologetics. If you enjoy apologetics it is a must.

The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis by Hugh Ross

I’ve always find Hugs Ross’ work to be very solid and this one is a gem.

3 Crucial Questions About the Bible by Grant R. Osborne

The last question on how to do theology is worth reading the whole book. Very well done.

Concept of God, The by Dr. Ronald H. Nash

Though on process theology and quite dated, a great introduction to philosophical theology and the attributes’ of God.


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