Biblical Counseling

I’ve been reading David Powlison’s Seeing With New Eyes: Counseling and the Human Condition Through the Lens of Scripture (Resources for Changing Lives) and it’s truly phenomenal. I’ve always thought that “Christian” psychology was just Dr. Phil dressed up in Christianese. But Powlison has reoriented my thinking in this area, providing a robust Gospel centered approach to Biblical counseling.

Take the following quote on page 147:

The first unique thing God show us about human psychology [is] this comic battleground is something none of the secular psychologists have seen or can see, because they can’t see that deeply why we do what we do. Their own motives give them reasons not to want to see that deeply and honestly. It would mean admitting sin.


He continues on the same page:

The second unique thing God shows us about human psychology [is that] we can be fundamentally rewired by the merciful presence of the Messiah. None of the secular psychologists say this or can say this. They have no power to address us so deeply, and they don’t want to address us at the level of what we (and they) live for. It would mean confessing Christ.



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