The Cosmic Purpose of Regeneration

Abraham Kuyper in Lectures on Calvinism states some every interesting things about the Church and Cosmic recreation.

In its essence, for the Calvinist, the Church is a spiritual organism, including heaven and earth, but having at present its center, and the starting-point for its action, not upon earth, but in heaven. This is to be understood thus: God created the Cosmos geocentrically, it, He places, the spiritual center of this Cosmos not our planet, and caused all the divisions of the kingdoms of nature, on this earth, to culminate in man, upon whom, as the hearer of His image He called to consecrate the Cosmos to His glory. In God’s creation, therefore, man stands as the prophet, priest and king, and although sin has disturbed these high designs, yet God pushes them onward. He so loves His world that He has given His to it, in the person of His Son, and thus He has again brought our race, and through our race, His whole Cosmos, into a renewed contact with eternal life. To be sure, many branches and leaves fell off the tree of the human race, yet the tree itself shall he saved; on its new root in Christ, it shall once more blossom gloriously. For regeneration does not save a few isolated individuals, finally to be joined together mechanically as an aggregate heap. Regeneration saves the organism, itself, of our race.


He goes on to say,

And therefore all regenerate human life toxins one organic body, of which Christ is she Head, and whose members are bound together by their mystical union with Him. But not before the second Adam shall this new all-embracing organism manifest itself as the center of the cosmos. At present it is hidden. Here, on earth, it is only as it were its silhouette that can he dimly discerned. In the Future, this new Jerusalem shall descend from God, out of heaven, but at present it withdraws its beams irons our sight in the mysteries of the invisible. And therefore the true sanctuary is now above. On high are both the Altar of Atonement, and the incense-Altar of Prayer; and on high is Christ, as the only priest who, according to Melchiaedek’s ordinance, ministers at the Altar, in the sanctuary, before God. (page 59-60)

Kuyper also denounces dualism strongly through these lectures. For example,


God is present in all life, with the influence of His omnipresent and almighty power, and no sphere of human life is conceivable in which religion does not maintain its demands and that every labora shall be permeated with its ora in fervent and ceaseless prayer. Wherever man may stand, whatever he may do, to whatever he may apply his hand, in agriculture, in commence, he is, in whatsoever it may be, constantly standing before the face of his God, and above all, he ahs to aim at the glory of His God. Consequently, it is impossible for a Calvinist to confine religion to a single group, or to some circles among men. (page 53)



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