2 Cheers for Intolerance, Bigotry and Closed-Mindedness

Let’s test how tolerant and open-minded you are. Ready?

God hates fags.

But you protest, “we should not tolerate hatred.” Correct. And the point being, in and of themselves,

                …tolerance is not a virtue,

                …acceptance isn’t commendable,

                …open-mindedness isn’t something to aspire to.

There is evil in this world and it should be hated and extinguished. We all know and practice this. It’s the height of wickedness to accept and tolerate evil.

 Calling someone intolerant might be a good way to jockey points and “win” an argument, but just don’t pretend you have the moral high ground.

 As kids we used to call each other faggots; nowadays we call each other bigots.

 You’re just as bigoted and intolerant as your opponent … and good for you! We should applaud and celebrate being closed-minded to evil and wicked things.

 So enough name calling already. Let’s discuss, engage, and debate what is abhorrent, whether genocide, slave tracking, violence against women, or Fred Phelps.

 And if you think being against marriage equality is wicked, immoral, and must be stopped, just so say. Calling such people intolerant is not only unhelpful, it’s blatantly hypocritical. And we all hate hypocrisy.

 So I’m proud to be a bigoted, intolerant, hate-filled, closed-minded person.

 Won’t you join me? (I bet you already have.)


P.S. And if you disagree with me, here is a perfect chance to practice your open-mindedness and tolerance. Cause you can only tolerate those whom you disagree with.


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