Confession: Drawing Us Closer to God

Early in my marriage I would haltingly reveal secrets about myself to my wife, secrets I had never told anyone. “Do you still love me?” I would ask. Yes, she would assure me, even when the secrets may have caused her pain. I learned from her a truth I would later understand about God: only if you are fully known can you be fully loved.

My spiritual growth has meant bringing a succession of secrets, in fear and trembling, to God, only to find that God of course knew the secret all along, and loved me anyhow. I have learned that God is hardly surprised by my failure. Knowing me better than I know myself, God expects failure from me. I am more sinful than I ever imagined—and also more loved by God.

“Adam, where are you?” God called out in the garden. It was Adam, not God, who hid. God takes the initiative to come searching; we are the ones who hide. And Jesus, the Great Physician, sees our sins not as disqualifiers but as the reason for his journey from another world to ours. Rescue is God’s business.

A pastor friend told me that when he sits in his office and hears tearful confessions from people who have failed, he realizes at that moment they are closer to God than he is, the religious professional.


Quoted from Yancey, P. (2003). Rumors of another world: What on earth are we missing?. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan, p. 156.


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